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About JWAL

JWALHi. My name is Josh and is my online repository.

I currently reside in the beautiful state of Virginia with my wife and kids.

In addition to being a husband and father, I manage my own web design business and enjoy experimenting with other creative enterprises.

In a past life, I spent several award-winning years in public education. Working with teenagers is one of the most meaningful jobs that anyone can sign up for, but the challenges facing public education were an increasing weight that I eventually needed to walk away from.

web design, history, literature, theology, philosophy, cars, motorcycles, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, baseball, basketball, tennis, aquariums, mini golf, and graffiti.

germs, war, politics, debt, meetings, shuffleboard, country music, Yankee fans and mustard.

the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics, and the UConn Huskies.