A Ron Paul Poster for the Masses

A Ron Paul Poster for the Masses

Graphic designer / entrepreneur Brandon Muth has designed a beautiful Ron Paul poster that every liberty-loving American should consider purchasing.

Using the text of the United States Constitution (you know, that document our politicians pledge to uphold) and some clever shading, the poster highlights Paul’s commitment to the principles our founders held so dearly.

The poster measures 11×17 and costs $15, shipping included. Each individual order will be hand signed and numbered by Brandon Muth. More importantly, this poster should help draw more attention to the crucial issues were facing as a nation, and one of the few politicians that seems to value consistency.

You can purchase the poster here.


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    Thank you for posting this.

    I hope more people continue to get energized by the powerful force of liberty and personal responsibility.

    We’ll have to chat about the latest Roosevelt book sometime soon. It was a great story and piqued my interest in Roosevelt’s posterity – primarily his son Kermit – which led to a fascinating discovery about T.R.’s grandson (and a really sad ending to Kermit’s early vibrancy.)

    Regarding the RP poster, there is a slight change in the price as the $15 now INCLUDES shipping. (The 7-10 day 1st Class USPS shipping, but shipping nonetheless!)

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