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CH3 – Settling the Northern Colonies

Time Frame: 1619-1700

Objectives: At the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe the Puritans and their beliefs, and explain why they left England for the New World.
  • Explain how the Puritans’ theology shaped the government and society of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • Explain how Massachusetts Bay’s conflict with religious dissenters, as well as new economic opportunities, led to the expansion of New England into Rhode Island, Connecticut, and elsewhere.
  • Describe the conflict between colonists and Indians in New England and the effects of King Philip’s War.
  • Summarize early New England attempts at intercolonial unity and the consequences of England’s Glorious Revolution in America.
  • Describe the founding of New York and Pennsylvania, and explain why these two settlements as well as the other middle colonies became so ethnically, religiously, and politically diverse.
  • Describe the central features of the middle colonies, and explain how they differed from New England and the southern colonies.



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