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CH16 – The South & the Slavery Controversy

Time Frame: 1793-1860

Objectives: At the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe the economic strengths and weaknesses of the Cotton Kingdom and its central role in the prosperity of Britain as well as the United States.
  • Outline the hierarchical social structure of the South, from the planter aristocracy to African American slaves.
  • Describe the nonslaveholding white majority of the South, and explain why most poorer whites supported slavery even though they owned no slaves.
  • Describe the workings of the peculiar institution of slavery, including the role of the domestic slave trade after the outlawing of international slave trading.
  • Describe African American life under slavery, including the role of the family and religion.
  • Describe the rise of abolitionism in both the United States and Britain, and explain why it was initially so unpopular in the North.
  • Describe the fierce southern resistance to abolitionism, and explain why southerners increasingly portrayed slavery as a positive good.


  • Two page response to The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass


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