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An entire page dedicated to things that might put me over the edge.

So Ron Paul finishes second in the Ames straw poll by a few hundred votes and nobody’s talking about him? Are you serious? Selective media coverage and a flawed political process are going to leave American citizens with another sickeningly-dishonest, undeniably-inconsistent, power-hungry politician to vote for in this next election. At least Jon Stewart is willing to point out the inconsistencies.

All of us should be concerned when those who hold national leadership roles would fail a 3rd grade history class. And for the record, this is a bi-partisan problem.

The stupidity of my fellow human beings astounds me. Who does this? Or this?

Americans lead the pack in #humblebrags. Ask me if I’m surprised.

Its nice to know that the IRS has its priorities in order.

Customer service guarantee? Yeah right. If a company has a profit margin of over $1,000,000/year, don’t expect a  helpful human response. The best you can hope for is good elevator music while you are funneled through a 15-level deep phone chain.

Regimes are being overthrown in the Middle East. People are dying. The international political landscape is being radically transformed. In spite of these world-changing events, new photos of Kate Middleton and exclusive interviews of Charlie Sheen making stupid, non-winning statements continue to be labeled as breaking news. Preposterous.

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