Best of the Web – May 2009

+ FontEx
Hand-picked free fonts for download.

+ WooThemes
The best premium WordPress themes. Hands down.

+ Web Design Ledger
A beautiful site offering web design resources and tutorials.

+ Periodic Table of Typefaces
For typography lovers everywhere…


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    Joe Wrigley

    Dude, you rock.

    I’ve been stressing about the cost of solving this problem on my 1993(?) Audi 100. Water appearing magically in the footwells (especially passenger) and terrible problems with steaming up.

    Thought I was going to have to take it to the garage and spend what could be a lot of money I don’t have and searched around in desperation. Found your site via and although the 100 is somewhat different the solution was pretty much the same. Inches of water, also inches of accumulated leaf mould and other crap. Cleared it all out and unblocked the drain. Got a dehumidifier running in the vehicle overnight to help dry it out.

    Thanks from the UK. Your clip gave me the confidence to at least try it.

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