Biking the Silver Comet Trail

I recently finished a two-day 121 mile bike trip with my dad and brother on the Silver Comet Trail, a paved trail stretching from Smyrna, Georgia to the eastern border of Alabama. If you’re interested in the specs/history of the trail, you can get all of that info here.

Now that I’ve experienced the trail firsthand, here are a few suggestions for planning your own Silver Comet adventure:

  • Use a road bike. We worked way too hard on a mountain bike.
  • Stop in Rockmart, GA and eat at Frankie’s Italian Restaurant. Excellent food, great service, and a gigantic wall mural for you to sign.
  • Plan for a fall or spring trip. We rode in July and saw temps of 100+ degrees.
  • Bring lots of water and a camera. You won’t regret having the water, and if you run out, you can sell the camera and get more.

Feel free to share your own thoughts/experiences below.


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    Congratulations guys! I am glad you didn’t have to sell your camera (at least on the way out), and if you did, make a deal to get your pictures!

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    Casual Bystander


    You are so lucky to have your Dad do this with you. I wish my sons were more into this kind of thing. The video is great!

  3. 4

    Casual Bystander – It was actually my dad’s suggestion, so all credit goes to him.

    Thanks to everyone else for all the positive comments. It was a great experience.

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    Josh – my suggestion was – let’s do the ride in the fall or winter once I get into biking shape. . . Thanks for the memories, it was a great time with you and Matt!

    PS – next time I’m not going to carry your backpack the whole ride. . .

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